Water Efficiency

Current Water Efficiency Stage

San Juan Board Removes Stage 2 Water Alert Restrictions

Because of improved water supply conditions, the San Juan Water District Board of Directors passed a resolution on March 8, 2017, declaring an end to drought conditions in the San Juan service area.

This action removes current water use restrictions returning the District to Stage 1. The San Juan Board also called on the Governor to end the statewide drought emergency and the State Water Resources Control Board to end its emergency regulations as drought emergency conditions no longer exist. With its action, the San Juan Board does not discount the State’s long-term efforts to “Make Conservation a Way of Life” and continues to encourage the efficient use of water supporting the State’s end-user requirements in promotion of water conservation.

Read more about the Board’s end of drought declaration.

Update on State's Water Conservation Plan

On February 8, 2017, the State Water Resources Control Board (Board) voted to extend the emergency water conservation regulation until May. The regulation, adopted in May 2016, replaced state-driven conservation mandates with local “stress-test” requirements for water providers.

The “stress test” requires water providers to demonstrate they have sufficient supplies to withstand three years of continuous drought. Our tests show we have adequate water supplies and do not need to meet a State determined water reduction target.

The Board will reassess the regulation in May. This regulation is part of a wider effort for permanent conservation measures. You can read more about this in the state’s plan for “Making Water Conservation a California Way of Life.”

We have joined forces with other water providers to provide input on this plan. We are working to protect San Juan’s water rights, your right to use water efficiently on your property and investments in projects for water supply reliability. Read more.

You can also stay informed through the State Water Resources Control Board’s water conservation portal.

Below are tips and resources to help you reduce your water use.